We identify underprivileged children who live in extreme poverty and pay school fees so they can attend public school.  In the last 7 years, 45 children graduated from high school and 3 graduated from college.

Tuition Support

We select children for tuition support based on poverty status. This allows them to attend school, have appropriate school supplies and uniforms for the school year.

Health Insurance

We cover the cost of health insurance cards for the children, who receive tuition support, and their immediate families for the school year. Healthy children are ready to learn.

Community Seminars

We train community leaders in good governance, covering topics ranging from women and children’s welfare and conflict resolution to public health issues.


We encourage immigrants to focus on English as a second language in order to strengthen communication skills among refugees, including youth and adults.

School Advocacy

We advocate for refugee children and their families as they assimilate into the school system and set up every child for academic success.

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