Support Letter

Dear Linda,

  My name is Haileigh Arnold and I have been a missionary with Gate of Hope Ministry for a year now as their farm manager. Thank you for attending and donating at our fundraising event this year! You might recall that I gave a speech on behalf of our Hope Community Farm. The farm that I manage impacts around 50 East African Families here in Louisville and is financially supported by selling our produce. Some of that money is used to support my work, but the majority of my financial support is raised separately and has to come from people like you. I am reaching out to you to ask if you would consider joining my support team with monetary and prayer support.

   My work for Gate of Hope is physically, socially, and spiritually fulfilling. My time is spent working for and alongside East African refugees on the farm during the growing season and teaching and helping youth during the winter season. My priority is to build relationships with them and to help provide for their needs. Sometimes this is challenging due to a language barrier, but I am learning Swahili to help overcome that.

   Throughout the year, I have also been blessed with a continued relationship with the Lord and getting to labor to improve it through studying the Word. My studies this year have mostly consisted of improving my understanding and sharing of the Gospel in order to make disciples that will make disciples in my Made for More group. In my spare time my husband and I also host a young adult Bible study in my home and attend Southeast Christian Church.

  As Nehemiah said four times while rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem “I am doing a great work, and cannot come down” (Nehemiah 6:3-4). However, I am in need of financial support in order to continue my work with Gate of Hope. I hope that with this glimpse into my work here that you will consider becoming my co-worker. If you are I would be happy to meet with you to share more of what is being done and how you can help.



Haileigh Arnold

Gate of Hope Missionary

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