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Living On 1 $

In Peña Blanca, Guatemala, four brave college grads battle hunger, illness & extreme poverty as they experiment with living on just $1 a day for 56 days!

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Welcome to Living On One

This theme has been inspired by “Living on One Dollar” documentary we watched one night. We were deeply touched and wanted to somehow contribute to the whole project. As theme developers we decided to develop a WordPress theme to help spread the word about it. This theme demo site is built using real content that we hope will raise the awareness about the problems in Peña Blanca and spread the word about this great documentary. We would like to thank the Living on One team for allowing us to use real photos (for the website presentation) and info from their website.

Living On One

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This is the real world, real people, 4 friends who had the courage to live in extreme poverty & make significant impact.

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Start your Journey

Are u ready to do something similar to what these 4 guys do? Live with communities abroad to help make a difference.



Help women like Rosa in the documentary start a business or a children like Chino go back to school this year!

Donate to the Living On One Cause


Hope Community Farm

Forty resettled families have farming plots at Hope Community Farm, an urban garden located in the Iroquois neighborhood of Louisville, Kentucky.

The idea of the garden came to fruition when a nonprofit organization called Louisville Grows—whose mission is to create a more sustainable community through urban agriculture, urban forestry, and environmental education—partnered with Gate of Hope Ministries International, a refugee resettlement organization.

Hope Community Farm, located at 1400 Bicknell Way, is less than two miles from the Refuge where Gate of Hope has another office. The property is owned by Louisville Metro Housing Authority and is leased by Louisville Grows.

This project is equipping participants with technical, organizational and entrepreneurial skills. Through partnerships, we are supporting communities in the development of a sustainable local food system. In 2019, there were 34 Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) shares sold.






In addition, Gate of Hope provides trauma counseling to participants of Hope Community Farm in response to the specific needs of local refugee trauma survivors.

Supporting African Families

Gate of Hope Ministries exists to create an environment where East African individuals, families and communities are equipped and empowered to live out a more spiritually fulfilled, socially connected, and economically stable life in order to holistically transform their communities and nations.

Haileigh Arnold, Farm Manager

Haileigh Arnold became a Farm Manager at Hope Community Farm in 2019.  Last year she worked closely with farmers on the harvest, introduced new crops, brought bees and honey to the farm and expanded the number of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) shares. She is currently raising financial support for her missionary position with Gate of HopeContinue reading Haileigh Arnold, Farm Manager